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             Low Humidity Glove Box

    • Internal CBI Deep Dehumidifying Unit. 5-30 mins Quickest Reaching Setting Rh%
    • Lowest Humidity : 1% Rh, <= 2% Controlling Acuracy
    • No Compressor, No Nitrogen (N2) Needed, Fully Low Noise and Energy Saving
    • LED Controller with Digital Setting ,Controlling and Alarming
    • Internal Lighting and Power Connection Board Equipped
    • ESD Safety Coating and Compatible to Cleanroom (RoHS Verifying)
    • Dual-Air Sources Auto Switching System For Different Processing Use
    • Dual Operation Holes with Powder Free Latex Glover
    • Options for Internal Dust free, N2 Air Generator and Oxygen monitoring etc.



    • Provide A Stable Low Humidity Environment For Calibration of Precision Components.
    • For Material Characteristic Testing Purpose Under Ultra Low Humidity
    • Pre-Storing Process Before Material Testing
    • Other Application Under Stable Low Humidity Envionment.